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Short biography

Dr. Jin received his M.D. (MBBS) from Wenzhou Medical College in 2000 and Ph.D from University of Miyazaki in 2007. He had worked for 2-year as a postdoctoral fellow (JSPS fellowship) and another 2-year research scientist (FPR) at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology under Dr. Masayo Takahashi before returning to Wenzhou Medical College (renamed as University) in 2011.

He is the full professor of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) and director of the Stem Cell Research Institute, WMU. He is heading the Laboratory for Stem Cell and Retinal Regeneration as well as the Division of Ophthalmic Genetics, the Eye Hospital of WMU. Currently he is holding a concurrent post as the dean of the Graduate School of WMU.

He focuses on stem cell translational medicine and genetic mechanisms of ocular diseases. His lab is dedicating to make efforts on elucidating the disease mechanisms of inherited retinal degeneration and children ocular disorders, translating laboratory technology to improve bedside outcomes, and solving key basic problems together with retina specialists.

The major technologies in his laboratory include clinical genetics and new capture sequencing, genome-wide association study, molecular biology, pluripotent stem cell & differentiation, experimental animal models.

He has successfully discovered several new disease-causing genes and has run several independent GWAS studies in Wenzhou, esp. large-scale study in Tibetan and Han populations. He is also developing RPE replacement therapy using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and bio-degradable scaffolds. For the first time, he established RP patient-derived iPS cell lines for in vitro disease modeling and drug test, opening the door of patient-specific iPS application in the field. He is keeping on the disease mechanism study using these cutting-edge, state-of-art tools in the laboratory.




Selected publications

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